We are big entertainment and complete event production company in South Florida with more then 300 beautiful male and female Entertainers, Performers, Dancers, Event Hosts, Models; most talented photographers, DJs, Make Up Artists; unique Live Mermaids and more! We offer any performance styles, costumes/outfits, music and sound systems, professional equipment and supplies, insurance!

We hand pick our talents, the most professional and trained. 

You will be amazed by the unique and exotic costumes, sophisticated and energetic dance moves, unique design and creative vision, professional music arrangement for any event, party, venue, club, celebration, special occasion, festival, shooting, etc! 

Family oriented or sexy? We got them all!

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The Entertainment  Company


Ana Monroe Production is an official sponsor of International Food and Wine Holiday Gala!

One of the most amazing event of the season!

Come and join us for Food and Wine and enjoy Salsa and Samba performance from our talented dancers.

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Our talents perform for large clubs and corporate events, community events and festivals as well as for small groups, family dinners and children parties. Every client is highly important for us!

Also, we offer full event planning services, since we got very strong connections with musicians, bartenders/servers, food and beverage catering, music bands, event venues, florists, designers, furniture and floor/stage rentals.

​​​​​​​​​Ana Monroe Production